Screw coupling for compressed air

Screw coupling for compressed air made from brass - robust

  • screw coupling for compressed air made from brass
  • designed mostly for compressed air technology, also for automation, measuring, regulation and welding technology

Screw coupling with male thread and hose plug

Cat. no.
Store no.
ThreadPlugSWhLength threadLength plugCone
T186MG 1/8"6 mm1433 mm7 mm22 mm45°
T189MG 1/8"9 mm1433 mm7 mm22 mm45°
T146MG 1/4"6 mm1735 mm9 mm22 mm45°
T148MG 1/4"8 mm1735 mm9 mm22 mm45°
T149MG 1/4"9 mm1735 mm9 mm22 mm45°
T1410MG 1/4"10 mm1735 mm9 mm22 mm45°
T1413MG 1/4"13 mm1742 mm9 mm28 mm45°
T386MG 3/8"6 mm1936 mm9 mm22 mm45°
T389MG 3/8"9 mm1936 mm9 mm22 mm45°
T3813MG 3/8"13 mm1942 mm9 mm28 mm45°
T126MG 1/2"6 mm2441 mm10 mm25 mm45°
T129MG 1/2"9 mm2440 mm10 mm22 mm45°
T1213MG 1/2"13 mm2446 mm11 mm28 mm45°
T1219MG 1/2"19 mm2454 mm12 mm36 mm45°
T3413TMG 3/4"13 mm3252 mm16 mm28 mm45°
T3419TMG 3/4"19 mm3260 mm16 mm35 mm45°
T1025TMG 1"25 mm3659 mm17 mm38 mm37°

Reduction female/male thread

Cat. no.
Store no.
Thread femaleThread maleSWlLength thread
R84NG 1/8"G 1/4"1712,5 mm8 mm
R48NG 1/4"G 3/8"1913 mm8,5 mm
R42NG 1/4"G 1/2"2415 mm10 mm
R82NG 3/8"G 1/2"2415 mm10 mm
R24NMG 1/2"G 3/4"3219 mm13 mm
R21NG 1/2"G 1"3622 mm15 mm

Screw coupling with male thread

Cat. no.
Store no.
Thread 1Thread 2Length thread 1Length thread 2SWl
D18MG 1/8"G 1/8"6,5 mm6,5 mm1418 mm
D84MG 1/8"G 1/4"6,5 mm9 mm1720 mm
D14MG 1/4"G 1/4"9 mm9 mm1723 mm
D48MG 1/4"G 3/8"9 mm9 mm1923 mm
D42MG 1/4"G 1/2"9 mm12 mm2427 mm
D38MG 3/8"G 3/8"9 mm9 mm1923 mm
D82MG 3/8"G 1/2"9 mm12 mm2427 mm
D12MG 1/2"G 1/2"12 mm12 mm2430 mm
D23MG 1/2"G 3/4"12 mm16 mm3236 mm
D21MG 1/2"G 1"12 mm16 mm3640 mm
D34MG 3/4"G 3/4"16 mm16 mm3240 mm

Connecting pipes

Cat. no.
Store no.
Plug on hosel
SV6M6 mm44 mm
SV8M8 mm44 mm
SV9M9 mm44 mm
SV13M13 mm44 mm
SV19M19 mm65 mm
SV25M25 mm80 mm

Cap nut

Cat. no.
Store no.
Thread femaleHoleSWhWeight(g)
U 14 MG 1/4"10,6 mm1714 mm16
U 38 MG 3/8"13 mm1915 mm15
U 12 MG 1/2"15,5 mm2416 mm28

Inserts for cap nuts (with male cone)

Cat. no.
Store no.
PlugFor maticiDNhacLength plug
ST 146 M6 mmU 14 M442 mm6 mm34 mm28 mm
ST 149 M9 mmU 14 M5,542 mm6 mm34 mm28 mm
ST 386 M6 mmU 38 M447 mm7 mm38 mm28 mm
ST 389 M9 mmU 38 M6,547 mm7 mm38 mm28 mm
ST 129 M9 mmU 12 M6,547 mm7 mm38 mm29 mm
ST 1213 M13 mmU 12 M947 mm7 mm38 mm29 mm

Work press.: PN 35 Bar
Cone: 45
Medium: air etc.
Package: 10 pcs


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