About us

The company of TUBI ITALIA BOHEMIA, Llc. was founded in the year 1994, which is when it started producing hoses from softened PVC. During the year 1995, the first line for making granular material was installed.

In the first years of production, the production program consisted mainly of making garden hoses, which were distributed to wholesalers, primarily in countries of southern and eastern Europe, i.e. Italy, Austria, Hungary, Russia and even Poland. The manufacturing program was subsequently expanded to washing machine hoses for filling and several types of shower hoses. We even started selling our products to wholesalers in the Czech Republic, in addition to abroad.

In the year 1998 our company moved from unsuitable rented spaces into a reconstructed plant in Nový Dvůr. The expanded production facilities enabled the installation of a second line for the processing of granular material, which is used for the recycling of softened PVC. It is on this line that we process, e.g. the technological waste of producers of cables, hoses, plastic film and other packaging material made from softened PVC.

In subsequent years, two more lines for the production of hoses were installed, one at a time, and this led to an expansion in the assortment. At the present time, we supply products and goods to domestic markets as well as those abroad, and we have succeeded in expanding our circle of clients to include those from Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden and even in Ukraine. We utilize modern technology in order to guarantee customers with the highest quality products. In the year 2007, our system of quality control was certified according to ČSN EN ISO 9001.

We make and supply hoses

At the present time, we make and supply garden and suction hoses, hoses for the household: filling and draining hoses for washing machines, shower hoses, technical hoses for water and air, industrial hoses, spirit levels with hoses. As an accessory to our assortment, we even supply shower heads, hose fasteners, quick connectors, insertions and other accessories, mainly for industrial air hoses.


We help

Even this year we provided a financial grant for the operation of two non-profit organizations in our region: the civic association of LADA, which helps people with mental and combined handicaps and the Monastery Charity of Pacov, which, among other things, helps seniors in our region.


Nový Dvůr 2
395 01 Kámen
Czech republic

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Tel.: +420 565 426 600
+420 565 426 838
Fax: +420 565 426 813

E-mail: info@tubi.cz